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Rio: Easter 2011

May 25, 2010

Our first teaser trailer for “Rio” was released last week to play in front of Shrek Forever After. It’s been quite a production and I can’t wait to see the final film next spring.



February 28, 2010

i have a new favorite animated series called Archer on FX and Hulu. The show is centered around a spy agency and its number one agent, Sterling “the Dutchess” Archer. It’s filled with hilarious one-liners, amazing artwork and a perfectly cast ensemble of voices. The animation studio responsible is radical axis and they even have a sketchblog.

Check it out!

brownstones to red dirt

February 9, 2010

Two colleagues of mine here at Blue Sky Studios, Chad Walker and Dave Lamattina, made a documentary that followed the correspondence of a class of 5th graders from a rough neighborhood in Brooklyn with a school in war torn Sierra-Leone. As an act of support Vicki Saulis has organized an online auction of donated artworks whose proceeds will go to benefiting the students in Brooklyn and Sierra-Leone.

This drawing, entitled “Greg and Augusta”, is a drawing of a couple of the children from the movie. Every submission was made on a wooden postcard. Keep checking back for more updates on the online auction. [Film’s website]


January 29, 2010

I guess the modBook is still the closest thing we’ll get from apple that will allow digital artists to sketch on a portable computer running an apple operating system.

Here’s my list of disappointments with the latest announcement:
– suped up iPhone operating system that only allows one application to run at a time;
– lack of stylus/pen pressure. I really wanted it to be like a portable cyntiq with an apple operating system;
– maybe it’s not that big of a deal, but it has a max resolution of 768 so it doesn’t play the industry standard of HD at 1080p;
– it would be cool if it could piggy back off of the data plan that is in my iPhone instead of subscribing an additional fee with AT&T;
– AT&T needs to work harder at supporting the apple customer base;
– it seems like you could only use it if you were sitting with the screen in your lap or resting on a counter. If there was a stylus you could transcribe notes with your dominant hand while it interprets your handwriting into text. I would imagine trying to hold it with one hand and type with the other;
– there is a rather large border around the edge of the screen and I wish more was given to the screen real estate;
– even though this is one of the more affordable apple products, the $500 price point is still double that of it’s kindle and nook competitors;
– hoping the customers can invent amazing workarounds and applications with a limited os and interface;

I hope I’m proved wrong but until then I will just have to keep using my three year old toshiba tecra m7.

Ralph Eggleston Interview

March 2, 2009

Before the 81st Annual Academy Awards, Animation Art Conservation sat down with Ralph Eggleston to talk about the design of Wall-E, Pixar’s latest feature film. There are some really great insights into Eggleston’s process and has some great concept artwork as well. (click here for the article)

“As any of the great production designers would tell you, “Start from the character and then everything else will follow;” and it’s so true.”


November 24, 2008

I enjoyed a screening of Bolt last Friday at Blue Sky. The movie was amazing. If I had my pick of the best animated feature of the year it would be this one, or I could be happy if Kung Fu Panda won. Both movies were cohesive in story and character design and told clear and entertaining stories. Sorry, Horton and Wall-E but you were no match for the “superbark” and “kung fu grip.” The scope of Bolt was greater than either of the two prior animated features from Disney and the effects work rivaled any summer action blockbuster. Even the stereoscopic aspect of the movie shows promise as more and more animated movies will be released in “3D.” The action took place deeper in the screen except for a couple of actions that jumped out at you from the screen.

IF you haven’t seen this movie I strongly suggest seeing it. I am always a sucker for movies with a kid and his dog but it has some really great performances in it. Dogs that act like dogs, cats that act like cats… It reminded me of the amazing animations that Disney was once known for (Lady and the Tramp, Jungle Book). I hope this is a strong indication of the direction JL and the other new creatives are taking Disney Animation. Congrats! (I hope this movie gets some legs and helps encourage this kind of film making from Disney. A sad opening weekend with $27 million)

BSS Special Guests

November 23, 2008

We’ve had some really great guests over the past couple months at Blue Sky Studios including Ken Duncan, Sergio Pablo, Mike Kunkel, Brian Henson and Robot Chicken creators Seth Green and Matthew Senreich.

brian henson
Brian Henson explained the history of Jim Henson Company, the evolution of muppets to digital puppetry and gave a wonderful demo of a hand puppet/muppet. (It’s a character from their Puppet Up Live performance company in Los Angeles)

robot chicken
Seth Green and Matthew Senreich screened a early preview of their new Star Wars Robot Chicken 2 that comes out on dvd soon. They both talked about how they got started and their woes with production companies. They have a pretty serious studio in LA from what it sounds like and was surprising that it’s not just a couple guys playing with old toys.
(from left to right: Jeff Brodsky (Rigger), Seth Green, Mark Edwards (Rigger), Matthew Senreich, and Jeff Gabor (Animator).

A whole new usThree

November 9, 2008

After some time of neglect I thought I should get back into the swing of things and post drawings again. Here is the new usThree blog!