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sketchbook scans

December 13, 2011

decided to scan some new drawings from my current NYC sketchbook.


happy anniversary

September 6, 2011

happy 2nd anniversary Nina

happy mother’s day

May 9, 2011

here’s a card I made for my mom

nina’s birthday

May 9, 2011

for Nina’s recent birthday I made a paper doll of her. I found three dresses I liked online. I drew each dress separately, cut them out and presented it to Nina in a little card. She then could fold the dresses onto the little paper mannequin. When she asked if these dresses were real dresses I surprised her by opening the closet to reveal the three dresses she could pick from on the back of the closet door. It’s always a fun project making gifts for Nina!

c, c, & o

January 17, 2011

mettler christmas drawing

January 17, 2011

another drawing for Nina’s parents for Christmas. This one is of us going tree hunting the Sunday after Thanksgiving.

sketchbookProject: FAIL

January 17, 2011

Time ran out…or something. Here are four drawings from my sketchbook that I couldn’t finish for the sketchbook project. It’s unfortunate but between the other projects I had going on and the over all lack in drive on this project I couldn’t seem to get more than a handful of drawings. I’m disappointed but maybe next year.
sketchBookProject 1
sketchBookProject 2
sketchBookProject 3
sketchBookProject 4

holiday greeting card

January 16, 2011

white elephant

January 15, 2011

We had a white elephant at work so I made this one hour sketch and framed it. Pretty random…but whatever.

something in my teeth?

December 8, 2010