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studio360:What You Can Do

June 28, 2010

original uncle sam

PRI’s studio360 has hosted a number of contests to redesign major icons such as Christmas, the gay flag, and their most recent challenge is to reinvent Uncle Sam. Here’s my submission of a series of four posters:

what you can do poster campaign

My proposed “What You Can Do” campaign expands the military recruitment purpose of the original Uncle Sam and asks Americans to take part in other civic responsibilities. Referencing the speech by President John F. Kennedy, I chose these four words as the slogan to challenge and inspire Americans to become active members of our great nation.

My wife was a huge help on this project. Nina, who is a graphic designer helped me lay out the posters and had the idea to include the url at the bottom to help reinforce the different aspects of the campaign. She kept encouraging me to work on it and submit it to the contest. We make a great team!