I guess the modBook is still the closest thing we’ll get from apple that will allow digital artists to sketch on a portable computer running an apple operating system.

Here’s my list of disappointments with the latest announcement:
– suped up iPhone operating system that only allows one application to run at a time;
– lack of stylus/pen pressure. I really wanted it to be like a portable cyntiq with an apple operating system;
– maybe it’s not that big of a deal, but it has a max resolution of 768 so it doesn’t play the industry standard of HD at 1080p;
– it would be cool if it could piggy back off of the data plan that is in my iPhone instead of subscribing an additional fee with AT&T;
– AT&T needs to work harder at supporting the apple customer base;
– it seems like you could only use it if you were sitting with the screen in your lap or resting on a counter. If there was a stylus you could transcribe notes with your dominant hand while it interprets your handwriting into text. I would imagine trying to hold it with one hand and type with the other;
– there is a rather large border around the edge of the screen and I wish more was given to the screen real estate;
– even though this is one of the more affordable apple products, the $500 price point is still double that of it’s kindle and nook competitors;
– hoping the customers can invent amazing workarounds and applications with a limited os and interface;

I hope I’m proved wrong but until then I will just have to keep using my three year old toshiba tecra m7.


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