I enjoyed a screening of Bolt last Friday at Blue Sky. The movie was amazing. If I had my pick of the best animated feature of the year it would be this one, or I could be happy if Kung Fu Panda won. Both movies were cohesive in story and character design and told clear and entertaining stories. Sorry, Horton and Wall-E but you were no match for the “superbark” and “kung fu grip.” The scope of Bolt was greater than either of the two prior animated features from Disney and the effects work rivaled any summer action blockbuster. Even the stereoscopic aspect of the movie shows promise as more and more animated movies will be released in “3D.” The action took place deeper in the screen except for a couple of actions that jumped out at you from the screen.

IF you haven’t seen this movie I strongly suggest seeing it. I am always a sucker for movies with a kid and his dog but it has some really great performances in it. Dogs that act like dogs, cats that act like cats… It reminded me of the amazing animations that Disney was once known for (Lady and the Tramp, Jungle Book). I hope this is a strong indication of the direction JL and the other new creatives are taking Disney Animation. Congrats! (I hope this movie gets some legs and helps encourage this kind of film making from Disney. A sad opening weekend with $27 million)


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