BSS Special Guests


We’ve had some really great guests over the past couple months at Blue Sky Studios including Ken Duncan, Sergio Pablo, Mike Kunkel, Brian Henson and Robot Chicken creators Seth Green and Matthew Senreich.

brian henson
Brian Henson explained the history of Jim Henson Company, the evolution of muppets to digital puppetry and gave a wonderful demo of a hand puppet/muppet. (It’s a character from their Puppet Up Live performance company in Los Angeles)

robot chicken
Seth Green and Matthew Senreich screened a early preview of their new Star Wars Robot Chicken 2 that comes out on dvd soon. They both talked about how they got started and their woes with production companies. They have a pretty serious studio in LA from what it sounds like and was surprising that it’s not just a couple guys playing with old toys.
(from left to right: Jeff Brodsky (Rigger), Seth Green, Mark Edwards (Rigger), Matthew Senreich, and Jeff Gabor (Animator).


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